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Receive Messages from Spirit and Insight for Life

Welcome to Kevin Coburn Medium, where the ancient art of tarot card reading and the mystical world of psychic mediumship come together. Discover the guidance and messages waiting for you from the spirit realm.

As an experienced tarot card reader and psychic medium, Kevin Coburn has helped countless individuals find clarity, healing, and direction in their lives. With his deep connection to the spirit world, Kevin offers accurate and insightful readings that provide profound guidance.

Whether you seek answers and insights about love, career, or personal growth, Kevin Coburn Medium is here to assist you. Embrace the opportunity to connect with the spirit world and receive messages from departed loved ones. Book your session today and embark on a transformative journey.

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About Kevin Coburn, Medium & Tarot Reader

At Kevin Coburn Medium, I offer professional Tarot card readings and Spirit Mediumship sessions to help you gain insight, clarity, and guidance in your life's journey.

With years of experience and a deep connection to the spiritual realm, I provide accurate and insightful readings that can help you navigate through life's challenges, discover your true potential, and connect with loved ones who have passed.

My one-on-one sessions are conducted via FaceTime, Skype, telephone or in some cases in-person, ensuring that you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. Whether you seek answers to specific questions or simply want to explore the spiritual realm, I am here to guide you on your path.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Any messages and guidance that you receive from Kevin Coburn during a session/reading are NOT a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical professional, psychological, legal or financial professional and should be considered as Entertainment only. These sessions provide no guarantees and I am not responsible for any interpretations, decisions, or actions taken by clients. You are in control of your own destiny and must make decisions accordingly.

Discover Insight and Guidance Through Tarot Card Readings and Spirit Mediumship Sessions

Tarot Card Readings are offered in times of 10 minutes (unrecorded) $30.00 and 30 minute (recorded) $65.00, or within a COMBO session of 45 minutes of both Tarot reading and Spirit communication $140.00 (recorded).Spirit Mediumship Sessions are offered in 30 minute sessions (recorded) $110.00 ,or as a COMBO reading of 45 minutes that includes both Tarot reading and Spirit communication $140.00 (recorded).Group Mediumship Sessions (gallery events for small to large groups) are offered here in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area of Los Angeles. Please Email me all the pertinent details (where/when/duration needed, etc), and I'll get back to you with a price quote asap!Tarot Card Parties are a great entertainment option for your Holiday party, family celebration, or corporate event. This service is offered for both small and large groups. Please Email me with all the particulars (where/when/duration needed, etc) and I'll get back to you with a price quote asap!
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Hear from Kevin's satisfied customers

Kevin Coburn was easy to talk to. He both confirmed and gave insights to the life choices I needed to make. He felt the books I was writing would do well.

Sharon E., Santa Maria, CA

I have to recommend Kevin Coburn as a Medium and Intuitive advisor. I spent one of the best hours of my life with him. Received some insight to things going on in my life through various Tarot spreads, then the best part was spending time with my deceased Dad. Some words that were relayed were verbatim phrases that my Dad used. This was incredible, and I was so lucky that he was able to connect with me through Kevin,. Thank you for giving me a truly priceless experience!

Artemis B.., Palos Verdes, CA

My experience with Medium Kevin Coburn- He was fantastic, accurate, happy, and had a nice personality. He was very informative, and I learned a lot from my Tarot reading and Mediumship session. I was shocked at times on how accurate he really was. He told me things that no one would know but me. I would recommend him because he was just amazing. I would definitely have another reading from him in the near future. I give him 5 stars!

Jackie C., Canoga Park, CA
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Pricing Options

Choose from our range of affordable pricing options for Tarot card readings and Spirit Mediumship sessions. Kevin Coburn Medium is here to help.

Our pricing options are designed to meet your individual needs. From quick Tarot card readings to in-depth Spirit Mediumship sessions, we offer flexible options to suit your budget and time constraints. "Which type of reading do I need?" If you are looking for life insights and general guidance, then a Tarot reading would fit the bill. If you are seeking a connection from the spirit world, then a Mediumship session is called for. If you need a little of both, then the COMBO session would be your best bet!

Payment options: I accept all major credit cards through the booking link at the top of this page. Follow the screen prompts to schedule and pay for your session (no need to ‘sign in’). If you want to utilize PayPal, then contact me and I will send you an invoice directly! For Scheduling options please utilize the BOOK SESSION NOW button to schedule and remit payment (No need to ‘sign in’ , just follow the prompts!) There are no refunds for a service unless seller needs to cancel for an emergency. If no evidence can be taken after the first 10 minutes of a Mediumship session, then a rescheduled appointment for a later time will be considered. 

Don't let financial constraints hold you back from seeking spiritual guidance. At Kevin Coburn Medium, we believe everyone should have access to these transformative experiences, which is why we strive to keep our prices affordable without compromising on quality.

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What to expect from your session

The best approach to either type of reading is to enter into it with 'an open heart and open mind'. Going into a session with a list of detailed questions for spirit that you expect detailed answers for only sets up both the client and the Medium for disappointment. Every Medium works differently, and every session unfolds differently too, so keep your expectations in check.

Please note that the many TV shows depicting Mediums at work are highly edited, only the 'highlight reel moments' are shown from the likely hour reading condensed into a few sound bytes. My sessions are done on a one-to-one bases, but if you want another person to join you just know that Spirit is in control of who comes through a session. I cannot guarantee whom will get the majority of the contacts, so consider that when booking your session.

To learn more Email me at . You can ask to join my newsletter for information on upcoming events, or to enter special contests when notified, etc. Or follow me on social media utilizing the icon links on bottom of page. 

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